Lions Drop 2 to the Wolf Pack

Lions Drop 2 to the Wolf Pack


Jan. 26th -

-The Lions started strong getting out to a five point lead early in the first.

-The Lions would hold on to a slight lead until the Wolf Pack is able to close the game and tie the game at 24.

-The Wolf pack would then use that momentum to eventually go on a huge 19 to 4 run with 7 minutes left in the half.

-The Lions made back a little ground but would still go into halftime down 10

-Lions 42 Wolf pack 52 Halftime

-The Wolf pack looked to put the Lions in even more of a deficit right away after half going on a 12 to 2 run.

-The Wolf pack would get up by as much as 27 before the Lions were able to slow them down.

-Wolf pack wins 90 to 77

Jan. 27th –

-In the Second day of this back to back series the Lions started off strong battling bucket for bucket with the Wolf pack.

-OHCC looked to continue what they started yesterday and went on another big run, but the Lions were able to claw their way back going into half time only down by two points.

-Halftime score: Lions 35 Wolf pack 37.

- It was a back and forth battle all through the second as the Josh Bauska hits a big three to bring the game within three with 38 seconds left in the game.

-That was as close as the Lions would get as they had to resort to fouling, putting the Wolf pack to the free throw line they made their last 6 of 7.

-The Lions fall in game two to OHCC 75 to 81.


Jan. 26th -  

- The Lions shot 39 percent from the field (31-80), 24 percent on 3's (7/29) and 50 percent on FT's (8/16).

- OHCC shot 50.8 percent from the field (32/63) and 64 percent on FT's (11/17).

-The Lions had 4 players in double figures, led by Zach Marengo who had a double-double with 19 points and 13 rebounds. Logan Klitzke adds on 18 points followed by Tash Williams with 12 points and Parker Stemen with 10 points.

 -The Wolf pack double the amount of threes made by the Lions and shot an impressive near 50 percent.

Jan. 27th –

- The Lions shot 40 percent from the field (30/75), 28 percent on 3's (7/25) and 53 percent on FT's (8/15).

- OHCC shot 41 percent from the field (29/71) 40 percent on 3's (12/30) and 68 percent on FT's (11/16).

-The Lions had 5 players in double figures led by Freshman Logan Klitzke who had 24 points and 6 rebounds. 

-Parker Stemen added 14 points followed by Josh Bauska with 15 and Cooper Nofziger with 11 points.

-Zach Marengo would record a double-double for the game with 10 points and 15 Rebounds.

 -The Lions would out rebound the Pilots 48 to 46.

Trinity Bible College Current Record: 7-13